listing-review for: 7086 Timbers Evergreen , Evergreen, CO

This home in the Timbers Estates boasts a large lot (4.89 acres) relative to most homes in the neighborhood that have about a 2 acre lot.  A big plus is that you can have horses at this home if you choose.  Upon entering, the home is very dark.  It is a combination of formal and rustic….dark cabinetry and all of the walls are a really dark color.  I love paint, don’t get me wrong, and a nice deep brown wall can make a house feel homey.  But all the walls in this house are dark – and it brings on a gloomy feel.  


The house is quite large, and has 6 beds and 6 baths.  There is an office above the garage, but you need enter it through the master bath (which is a little strange).  The kitchen cabinets are black painted oak, topped with granite.  Though the kitchen is very spacious.  All of the baths could use some updating, with the exception of the upstairs baths.  I think a stager would be very beneficial for this listing so that  potential buyers may have a neutral pallette in order to invision themselves living there.